Why Vote NDP?

In voting for the New Democratic Party, the only Canadian political party which will not accept money from the banks and large corporations, we will re-establish the balance that has always existed in Canada. The socially progressive aims of unionised labour and the aspirations for a better society requires that the government exercises a role in planning and carrying out the priorities of the society. The right wing parties would destroy all the gains that have been achieved and would bring us to a future which would resemble the uncontrolled exploitation of nineteenth century capitalism. Only a presence in parliament of more New Democrats ensures a voice for those who feel that the government has a role to play in making people's lives better. In effect, my decision to present my candidature in the elections is to give to politics a more human face. It is time that we make a commitment to put people first, ahead of money.

Please contact me: dc_char@alcor.concordia.ca
tel. (819) 983.2104

Canada's New Democratic Party, Welcome - Le nouveau Parti démocratique du Canada, Bienvenue
Canadian Parliament - le Parlement canadien
Centre d'action bénévole: Action Solidarité Argenteuil
Organisation nationale anti-pauvreté - National Anti-Poverty Organization

Authorized by Didier Charles, Official Agent for Argenteuil-Papineau. /Autorisé par Didier Charles, Agent Officiel de Argenteuil-Papineau.

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