Advice about the New Year
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Geshe Khenrab
As the Tibetan New year begins, here is some advice which Geshe-la gave us.
During the first month, the traditional celebrations included:

Monlam Chenmo

"the great prayer festival"
Monlam commemorates Buddha's 21 day contest of philosophy and magic with 5 Hindus.
During this time Buddha performed 100,000 miracles.


"a Lam Rim Puja to adorn the throats of those with Good Fortune"
This was particularly practised from the 8th day (first quarter of the moon) of the First Month until the 8th day of the following month.

This month is a good month for offerings especially on the full moon day which is referred to as

Cho-Trul Duchen

or the day of offering.

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