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Canadian Political Parties
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Canadian Sites
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Paliamantary Internet (the Canadian Parliament)
Contact any Member of Parliamant directly by email. Read all Bills and proposed Bills and the transcriptions of all the debates in the House of Commons and in parliamentary committees.
Le centre d'action bénévole Association Solidarité d'Argenteuil
A good example of a local cooperative initiative!
The national anti-poverty organization
The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
This is the organisation that issues the "alternative budget." A good resource for progressive ideas.

Canadian Political Parties
my personal involvement in the last federal elections(June 2, 1997)
The Liberal Party The Reform Party The Bloc Québécois
The New Democratic Party (NDP) The Progressive-Conservative Party (PC) The Green Party
The Natural Law Party The Communist Party of Canada Marxist-Leninist The Christian Heritage Party

Buddhist Sites
Montreal Tibetan Buddhist Temple
Tibetan Studies
Compiled by the Australian National University
Resource guide for the Sakya sect Buddhist Resources
Snow Lion Publications Osel Shen Phen Ling Tibetan Buddhist Centre of Missoula, Montana USA Virtual Tibet
Kadampa centres of the Northwest USA Kagyu Droden Kunchab centre Tricycle
Buddhist revue
Asynchronous School of Buddhist Dialectics Homepage

Other Interesting Sites

religions of the world
Really every religious tradition is listed.
Foresight Exchange
A kind of stock exchange where virtual "money" is traded on ideas . . .
like a stock exchange for the imagination.
Concordia University
in Montreal. Where I study history.
A Commercial site from the Ottawa region.
One can find different things (books etc.) by internet
A fax service through the internet.
This service only works in certain regions, depending on the area code of the machine receiving the fax.
Introduction to HTML
A research institute that concerns itself with the therapeutic uses of certain psychotropic substances.
Consult the I Ching.
Reference works on the internet.
This is a contribution by a US radio station to help kids with homework.
Utne Café
An site organised by the Utne Reader
lots of discussions . . .
La Toile du Québec
For internet resources in Quebec